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Our People

As an umbrella organization, we strive to be a unified voice for the residents and businesses that make up the Hilltop. Guided by best practices in community and economic development, we collectively work to build bridges across communities.


Get to know our team members and Board of Directors.


Bill A9921 (1).jpg

Bill Shimko

Executive Director

412-586-5807 ext. 6

Meg O'Brien

Director of Economic Development

412-586-5807 ext. 1

Meg 929.jpg
Jeph 936.JPG

Jeph Martin

Services Manager

412-586-5807 ext. 3

Mohak Chauhan

Director of Construction and Redevelopment

412-586-5807 ext. 9

Mohak 944.jpg

Rain McCoy

Communications and Design Coordinator

412-586-5807 ext. 5

Karen Lucarelli

Carrick Coordinator for Carrick Community Counsel

412-586-5807 ext. 4

Aimee copy.jpg

Aimee Mangham

Outreach Coordinator

412-586-5807 ext. 2



Hilltop Alliance Finance Manager/ PCRG Chief Financial Officer

412-586-5807 ext. 7

To see Hilltop Urban Farm staff, please visit the Hilltop Urban Farm website.

Board of Directors

Allentown CDC
Nancy Lomasney

Beltzhoover Civic Association
Nicole Stephens

Carrick Community Council
Sherry Miller Brown

Hilltop Economic Development Corporation
Rick Hopkinson

Knoxville Community Council
Ricco Brown

Mt. Oliver City/St. Clair Community Group
Suzanne N. Photos

Mount Washington CDC
Mary Causey

South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association
Gavin Robb

At-Large Members

Tom Smith, President

Denise Fillip, Secretary

Jessica Ruffin, Vice President

Jennifer Cash Wade, Treasurer

 David De Leon

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