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Vacant Property Recycling and Redevelopment


As part of the Allentown Neighborhood Partnership Program, the Hilltop Alliance aquires vacant, tax delinquent lots and houses, specifically targeting micro-neighborhoods within Allentown, as advised in our 2013 Housing Strategy.


As of July 2020, we have submitted 46 such properties into the City’s Property Reserve process which will come into our ownership in phases.


In early 2020 we updated our 2020 Housing Strategy working with Allentown Community Development Corporation and Fourth Economy Consulting.

In 2020, we worked with the Mt. Oliver City - St. Clair Community Group to develop a report on “Opportunities for Residential and Commercial Redevelopment in the Mt. Oliver and St. Clair Neighborhoods (City Of Pittsburgh).” This report was done by the Hilltop Alliance and EKS Solutions, and is used to guide vacant property acquisition and redevelopment in those neighborhoods.


In 2021 we worked with the Knoxville Community Council to develop a similar report: “Opportunities for Property Redevelopment in the Knoxville Neighborhood (City of Pittsburgh).” It was also done by the Hilltop Alliance and EKS Solutions.

Please email to request to receive our RFPs via email.

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