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Empowering Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights: About MWCDC

Updated: Feb 21

The Hilltop Alliance is bringing back our Hilltop Summit in 2024 on March 19th at Alla Famiglia on E Warrington Ave in the Allentown neighborhood. This annual event brings us together with the eleven community-based organizations we are comprised of to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year. This week, we are highlighting the pride and impact of the Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation!


The Mount Washington Community Development Corporation (MWCDC) is  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting the Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights neighborhoods. Their mission: to foster development, enhance safety, and improve the overall quality of life for residents and businesses in these vibrant communities.

At the core of MWCDC's initiatives lies a focus on infrastructure and developmental projects alongside organizations such as the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) to renovate residential properties and develop storefronts. They speak for the neighborhoods when working with the Port Authority to ensure Mount Washington is included on public transit routes which benefits both residents and visitors.

Beyond economic development and infrastructure, MWCDC is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and community engagement. They look forward to a year of beautifying events such as their Earth Day Clean-up along Grandview Ave and the Tree Cutting initiative in partnership with The Explorer’s Club where they hope to grow a sense of civic responsibility among residents. All clean-ups are done with the help of local volunteers. Green space maintenance, especially surrounding trees, is important to protect the beautiful views that Mt. Washington and Duquesne Heights are known for.

At the helm of MWCDC's recent initiatives is Executive Director Mike Carlin, whose vision is to create a more approachable and inclusive organization. By actively engaging with the community at various levels, Carlin aims to strengthen relationships and ensure that MWCDC remains responsive to the evolving needs of Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights.

Looking ahead, MWCDC seeks to further development initiatives, aiming to attract, retain, and expand businesses, residents, and tourists within the community. One notable initiative is their Food Bank project in partnership with The Washington Heights Ecumenical Food Bank, Neighbors on the Mount, and various other organizations. With it, they aim to address community need by organizing bi-monthly distributions on Boggs Ave with a permanent location. Through grassroots fundraising efforts and community events like the upcoming Wine Tasting at La Cabola on April 2nd and the April 27th Neighbors on the Mount soup and chili cook-off, MWCDC is mobilizing resources to fund this project.

Learn more about all their upcoming events and initiatives at

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