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Voice of the Community: The Beltzhoover Consensus Group

The Beltzhoover Consensus Group Logo

The Hilltop Alliance is bringing back our Hilltop Summit in 2024 on March 19th at Alla Famiglia on E Warrington Ave. This annual event brings us together with the eleven community-based organizations we are comprised of to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year. This week, we are highlighting the developmental work of the Hilltop Economic Development Corporation!


The Beltzhoover Consensus Group was created to allow for residents of the neighborhood to come together in decision making. They work closely with District 3 of the City Council Office and the Urban Redevelopment Authority on their real estate projects such as the Beltzhoover Elementary School. 

Nicole Stevens, Jennifer Cash Wade, and other board members holding a check from the Urban Redevelopment Authority

The Beltzhoover Elementary School closed in 2004. Beltzhoover Consensus Group purchased the building in 2018 as an opportunity for redevelopment. They are in the process of converting the school into Senior Lofts, named after Dr. Louis A Benson who was principal of the school during the process of desegregation. This affordable senior housing development is designed to meet community needs and will also include community spaces on the lower floor. The building is within walking distance of the nearby recreation center and PRT station making it ideal for housing and community development.

Nicole Stephens has been the President of the Beltzhoover Consensus Group since 2022. Nicole and longtime member Jennifer Cash Wade have been leading the large-scale process of renovating the building and preparing to create more affordable housing on nearby vacant lots.

Community members meeting around a room

In addition to their restoration and affordable housing projects, the BCG leads the community in organizing the Beltzhoover Community Days every summer. Board member Kelli Shakur and other residents in Beltzhoover come together to put on this incredible two-day event for the entire community. Beltzhoover Community Days is like a reunion for the people who grew up in the neighborhood. On these days, many families will get together and invite members who have since moved away. The collaborative effort of the community and the Beltzhoover Consensus Group help make this event extremely impactful and fun!

The 2024 Beltzhoover Community Days will be on July 13th and 14th.

Sign at the entrance of McKinley Park with lush trees behind it.

The Beltzhoover Consensus Group holds Monthly Community Meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00pm on 900 Delmont Avenue at the McKinley Park Shelter House. If you are a Beltzhoover, Knoxville, Bon Air, or Allentown resident, you are welcomed at these community meetings! 

Email to express your interest to learn more or get involved.


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