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The Diiviinetime Neon Psychedelic Museum: A Fusion of Art, Tattoos, and Chill Vibes

Along the main business road of Mt. Oliver Borough stands a creative sanctuary unlike any other: Diiviinetime: The Neon Psychedelic Museum. Equal parts art gallery, tattoo parlor, and gathering space for therapeutic art/meditation, this eclectic establishment at 207 Brownsville Road is the brainchild of visionary artist and performer, Nami Bey.

Stepping into Diiviinetime under the glow of a blacklight instantly immerses visitors in its psychedelic ambiance. With inviting nooks and plush couches, the atmosphere beckons relaxation and promotes creativity. "Neon hues and the fusion of 80s aesthetics with 90s goth inspire me," Bey explained, describing the vibrant murals that adorn the space.

"I envisioned a space where people could escape the ordinary," Bey shared enthusiastically.

Originally situated in Lawrenceville, Bey and her partner, Dontay "Hades" Bolton, felt compelled to move their creativity to Mt. Oliver, bringing with them their distinct blend of styles.

Bey's vision extends beyond mere aesthetics; here she curates a diverse array of events, from art classes, art therapy paint nights, and yoga sessions, to collaborative showcases featuring both local and visiting artists. Video game and anime enthusiasts will also find a home here, with themed nights and game tournaments.

Diiviinetime Neon Psychedellic Museum is a dynamic and ever-evolving experience that regularly hosts after-parties for local events. Nami is also the co-creator of the Mt. Oliver Art Walk with the 2nd annual iteration being lovingly named ART Oliver. She is part of the heART of Mt. Oliver.

ART Oliver, which will be held of June 15th is Pride themed and will be a celebration of art, culture, and identity co-coordinated by Nami Bey and Patience Whitfield with Mt. Oliver Borough.

Stay updated on Diiviinetime's latest offerings and events by following Bey on Facebook and Instagram @diiviinetimepgh. Find out more about ART Oliver and other Mt. Oliver summer events on their website or on Facebook and Instagram @mtoliverpgh.

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