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Puvithel: Alternative Fashion and Accessories Brand in Allentown Pittsburgh

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Ten women posing in colorful clothing

Puvithel is an alternative fashion and accessories brand based in Allentown, Pittsburgh since the beginning of this year! The store is located at 829 E Warrington Ave. Owner Puvi has been involved in alternative fashion communities since 2011, "These communities have always been really supportive of me. Sometimes people would come and walk up to my booth because they were also wearing alternative fashion, it brings us together," Puvi explained. Her shop offically opened in 2015 and from there it snowballed with retailers reaching out to her and making her decide to beging taking on larger and riskier projects.

Woman in white dress sitting on a chair in the show and holding a teacup.

“I believe wearing clothing that you like is a great way to express yourself and can help you feel and be better when you wear something you like. I want to make clothes that improves peoples mental state so that they can build outfits that help them express themselves and feel better about themselves.”

Many of Puvi's gothic and punk influenced designs often have medical themes and is representative of mental health and disability experiences. Most recently, she has designed accessible petticoats for people with chronic pain or other health conditions that it difficult to wear clothing with restrictive bands. "The petticoat is a tie on for people who can't bend or can't wear tight clothing or even to accomodate size fluxuations. I also design clothes without elastic wrist cuffs and blouses that zip up for people who are unable to use buttons."

Five silver and gold necklaces with heart shaped gems

Puvithel is more than just a store or brand, it is a centerpoint of the Pittsburgh alternative fashion community. They host regular swap meets where community members chat and exchange or sell lightly used clothes and accessories they no longer need. Puvi also puts on fashions shows each year at Tekko, the regions top japanese culture, anime, fashion, and music.

"Allentown is fantastic and I love having fun stores nearby," Puvi spoke to her move to the Allentown neighborhood. "I actually have a lot of clientele that overlap with The Weeping Glass and I've grateful for the people that organize events like the Allentown Night Market to help drive traffic. I couldn't think of a better place for my shop to be."

Four women posting in Puvithel's Steel City fashion line clothes.

We highly recommend checking out Puvithel's shop in person next time you see it open and definitely follow her on social media.

Interested individuals are encouraged to reach out. The shop is currently open by appointment but regular hours will be announced soon. or reach out on social media. 


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