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Handmade and Artisanal Candle Business Moves to Allentown!

Introducing North Ave Candles, where all the candles are handmade and artisanal. Every step of their creation is performed with care and passion by owner Amanda and her team. Her studio warming party is scheduled for December 16th from 12pm-8pm where guests are invited to make candles, shop the studio, and enjoy refreshments.

candles on top of a book

As a new mom who always loved crafts, Amanda’s business North Ave Candles started as a way to stay at home with her daughter while making fun handmade gifts for her friends and family. “It all started when I went to a friends Great Gatsby themed party. I made her a candle to match the theme, complete with an old library check out card,” Amanda explained while we toured her studio located around the side of the 829 Industry St warehouse in Allentown. Amanda’s studio is the perfect mix of function and form, with a glitter washed floor and plenty of fun mixed in around her candle production equipment. Amanda’s candles became popular at local farmer’s markets and eventually she started wholesaling to museums, florists, and bookstores around the country.

candles on the floor

“I love handmade crafts that reflect my personal story. That’s what I want to create for my customers.” Amanda explained how her candles are made to be statement pieces for a home- specifically the bookshelf! Many of her candles are designed with book lovers in mind but she also has apothecary, crystal, and nature lines. “I would ask myself…what does this particular book smell like? The process developed from there.” All of North Ave Candles products are designed to avoid giving sensitive people headaches.

Amanda and her husband put 400 hours into it in within a month to complete their last minute move as fast as possible. They are extremely proud of their work. “I’m so excited to have a studio that people can visit!” Amanda is extremely grateful to property owner RE360 for the opportunity they provided for her. “I’m so excited to be a part of industry on industry. Now I’m all in on Allentown!"

Please welcome Amanda and North Ave Candles to the Allentown business district!

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Studio Warming Party

When: December 16th from 12pm-8pm where guests are invited to make candles, shop the studio, and enjoy refreshments.

Where: 829 Industry St Side

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