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Transform Your Look with TrZade: An Incredible Natural Hair Salon in Mt. Oliver

TrZade Salon in Mt. Oliver is home to a family of incredible stylists.

Located at 113 Brownsville Rd, TrZade a natural hair salon has been one of Mt. Oliver's proud businesses for over seven years, an accomplishment that owner Nicky and her family have worked hard for. After moving to Pittsburgh with no one except her children, Nicky worked for multiple barbershops before deciding to start her own salon. Today, Nicky comes with twenty-six years of experience and has done hair for the last fifteen years in Mt. Oliver.

From natural stylings to wigs, extensions, and coloring services, TrZade is a true family owned and operated salon with skills that run in the family!

Accepts walk-ins.

To create the name, Nicky took the first two initials of her three children's names. Tr-Za-De. Two of them, Nautica and Demetress, are stylists who specialize in all the wigs, extensions, and coloring services.

Nicky became a business owner for the empowerment of herself and her children. “If I leave behind anything, I’ll leave them this business and building.” She explained as she and her daughter Nautica both worked on their clients hair. She hopes TrZade will continue to be a multi-generational family business. “I didn’t want to work for someone else for the rest of my life. So I built my own business.”

Her twenty-six years of experience as a licensed stylist began with just shampooing in a salon, now she is a skilled business owner. "I want other people to know that if I can accomplish my dreams, anyone can." Nicky said, "Everyone can follow their dreams. Build up yourself with a strong work ethic and kind treatment of other people."

TrZade is currently looking to hiring licensed nail techs, loctician, and a braider. She is taking applications from hardworking, licensed cosmetologists- no current clientele needed. Nicky wants to find the right beauty techs to add to her team, people that will feel like family and enjoy working at TrZade. “Even when I hire stylists, I want them to feel like family- more than just a job. I want my people to be excited to come to work.”

Please contact TrZade by phone, facebook, or stop by in person.

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