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Fitness For the Misfits: Gym & Clothing Brand Death Comes Lifting Moves to Allentown

Meet Zak Bellante, the creator of wellness and clothing brand Death Comes Lifting that is all about fitness for the misfits!

Man sitting with candles

This new business coming to Allentown Pittsburgh will be taking over 636 E Warrington Ave over the next few months to create an inspiring, welcoming, inclusive gym that honors each individual’s unique fitness journey.

It all started in 2017 as a clothing brand. Zak, who had struggled with health problems throughout his life, took himself on a fitness journey where he became a confident personal trainer and yoga instructor, but he found that his personal interests in heavy metal and horror still came first. He noticed a lack of alternative interests and fashion being represented in the fitness and wellness industry.

Man holding a fake skull and toy scythe with costume wings.

“When I worked as a personal trainer in gyms, they’d have you dress a certain way, but I couldn’t find any gym clothes that I actually wanted to wear. So I made them.” Zak explained. Since 2017, Death Comes Lifting has been a fitness clothing brand, but in 2020, Zak added virtual personal training sessions and other digital content to his offerings. “If I could learn all about fitness, working out, yoga, and nutrition for myself…” Zak explained, “I knew that I could do it for others too.” He talked about his interest in creating a space that is welcoming to all and not cookie cutter, “There’s a lot of influencers and fitness bros out there who want to tell people what to do. I don’t want to be just another one of those people.” Zak’s approach is to be humorous, real, and authentic with his clients.

Building with man painting a mural on the left side.

You can find Death Comes Lifting content right now online which features training and workout routines, virtual yoga sessions, e-books, clothing, and more for all your fitness needs.

Also, be sure to follow Death Comes Lifting on social media to know when Zak will be teaching yoga at Grim Wizard Coffee until the studio is officially up and running on February 4th 2024.

Mark your calendars for February 4th, 2024 for the Death Comes Lifting Grand Opening.


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